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 Hello Families,

    On behalf to the CYO Board, I would like to extend congratulations to all of the participants, coaches and parents for a successful Winter season and an outstanding final night for the Speech Program.

   Our basketball teams competed extremely well with the Varsity Boys Team reaching the Archdiocesian Play-offs. The Boys Varsity parish team had a first place finish in the IHM tournament.  All three teams in our newly expanded JV Boys program also did well during the season. Congratulations to Matthew Melito who was chosen to represent Region 21 in the 2014 Archdiocesian All-Star game. On the girls’ side, the Varsity Girls team tied for second in Region 21 and the Varsity Parish Girls Team and both JV Girls teams completed an undefeated regular season schedule. Looking forward, we hope to continue to expand our JV  basketball program to allow more children to participate.   The Competition Cheer Team did very well. The highlight of their season was an overall first place finish at the PJP competition.

   The Pee Wee Basketball Program consisted of 241 children this year. The Winter Sports and Pee Wee masses were well attended as were the receptions following mass in the gym.

   Once again, the response for the Monkey Survey was excellent with an overall response rate of 63.2%. The following are the individual breakdowns for each team that achieved over a 50% response rate.. Winners for the $50 credit were en at the Board meeting on March 31. The entire team for Coach Kossey will each receive gift cards to Rita’s  Water Ice for having the highest response rate.

Coach                               Team                         Percentage               $50 Credit Winner                  

 Kossey                          JV  Boys                           100%                  Michael Merola                                      

McNally                        JV Girls                             83.3%                   Jill Dougherty       

Toth                              V  Girls                             77.8%                   Shallyn Dickson

Humes                          V  Girls                             66.7 %                   Katelyn Ronan

McMonagle, R            JV Girls                             61.5%                      Shannon Taylor

Greek                            JV Boys                           58.3%                   Max Ritter

Hartz                              V  Boys                            58.3%                   Ben Roman

Layos                             JV Boys                            53.9%                   Aidan Kilcoyne

    As mentioned, we also recently completed another tremendous year of our Speech Program. Special thanks to Chris Beck and all of the moderators for their excellent mentoring of our children in a skill that will serve them well in any field or career path that they choose. Although all participants were winners, congratulations are in order for the following students that were recognized:


                                             Cycle I                                         Cycle II                   

First Place                            Megan Rohr                                   Christopher  Caponi                

Second Place                       Kaitlin McCann                               Taylor Agnew

Third Place                           Michael Harty                                 Sean Bustinowitz


  Special congratulations to Katelyn MacCann for the prestigious Jackie Rogers Award which is accompanied by an $1125 scholarship to the High School of her choice.

   In addition to these programs, we also held our second annual Trivia Night in January which was at capacity and raised a significant amount of money to be used on various aspects of our program. We have also hosted several successful Dining Out nights.

   Our baseball, softball, lacrosse and track teams have begun their  seasons. Pee Wee track and Pee Wee cheer are also under way. The CYO sponsored Eighth Grade Retreat was held at The Malvern Retreat House. We look forward to the Parish Picnic which will be held after the May Procession and the Final Junior High Dance for the year. Our 2013-14 activities will culminate with the JV Recognition Ceremony and the Varsity Banquet.

    I would like to thank all of those who have significantly contributed to making our program such an overwhelming successful. Over the next few months, the Board  would ask for your continued support and assistance to make the planned season and events occur smoothly.  Any assistance, whether maintaining the cleanliness of our outdoor facilities to volunteering on planning committees, would be greatly appreciated.

    Good luck to all of our teams this Spring.


                                                                                             John Bruder  

                                                                                             Chief Adult Advisor

                                                                                             Visitation CYO 



 The CYO Board is currently in the process of reevaluating the Visitation football program.  Participation in the program has declined over the past few seasons for various reasons.  Therefore the board is in the process of determining if football can continue at Visitation as a viable parish team or whether a merger with another parish program is warranted.

As part of the process we need to know if anyone would be interested in being a head coach, assistant coach or volunteering in any capacity with our Fall 2014 CYO Football team.  Any head coaching candidate should be prepared to share their thoughts on rebuilding the program and increasing participation in order to compete in the CYO league.  Please contact Fran Greek (Boys’ AD) at (215) 498-6580 or email to to schedule an interview.  We request that you contact us by January 31, 2014.



Note from the Registrar:  Our incoming Registrar for next year (school year 2014/15) will be Cheryll Fisher.  Cheryll will be shadowing me for the rest of this school year and will be assisting with registration, reporting and communication.  You will be receiving emails from her, and me, for the remainder of this school year.  

Thank you, Kathy Steiert


For registration questions contact:

Kathy Steiert, Registrar or Cheryll Fisher, Incoming Registrar

Sports program questions contact:

Athletic Directors:  

Fran Greek (Boys)

Steve Welsh (Girls)


**Parents of 7th & 8th Graders:  Please be sure to take pictures of your child’s CYO season.  A slide show will be created & featured at the upcoming Varsity Sports Banquet.  More information about how to share will be coming soon.



The Dance Policy has been updated. 

Please click here to read it. 

Attention Parents of Winter Sports Participants
Please complete an evaluation of the coach using the Survey Monkey links below. 
This feedback is very helpful in planning for next year's Winter Sports programs.          Toth, Varsity Girls Basketball          McNally, JV Girls Basketball          Hartz, Varsity Boys Basketball          Greek, JV Boys Basketball           Kossey, JV Boys Basketball            Humes, Varsity Girls Basketball           Layos, JV Boys Basketball           John McMonagle, Varsity Boys Basketball         Bob McMonagle, JV Girls Basketball




All volunteers working with any group that has contact with the youth of the parish in any way are required to attend a session of Protecting God's Children for Adults (VIRTUS) training which is required for all adults who volunteer at Visitation BVM Parish

For a list of the sites holding this training visit the Virtus website at

There are a number of training sessions being hosted in our area this fall.

See the VIRTUS website for details. For a complete listing of requirements

for adult volunteers, click here 



Looking for ways to show your Visitation spirit?  What better way to show

enthusiasm for your favorite Visi CYO teams than by wearing a tee shirt or

hoodie with the Visitation Chargers logo on it. 

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The next meeting of the CYO Adult Advisory Board will be:

Monday, May 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm in the Larkin Center

ALL are Welcome!


Attention Parents, Parishioners, and Friends....

Please consider giving of your time and talent to assist our CYO program in any way that you can.

The continued success and growth of this wonderful youth ministry depends upon each of us. 

Whether you are a parent of a pre-school child, a school-aged child, a high school student, 

an "empty nester", or have no children at all, the Visitation CYO can benefit from your involvement. 

To find out more about how you can contribute, please contact one of the following people:

John Bruder                                              610-844-2175 

Dom Zampogna                                        610-666-6011

Fran Greek                                                 215-498-6580     

Steve Welsh                                               610-222-4770

Dave Harty                                                 610-764-4663