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Letter from the CYO Chief Adult Advisor, John Bruder:  

On behalf of the CYO Board, I would like to welcome everyone to the 2014-15 academic year. All of our teams including Pee Wee soccer are now in full swing and doing very well early in the season. We would also like to extend a special welcome to those who are first time participants in our program whether from Visitation or one of our

As stated at the Parent-Player Meeting, there are several new Board members this year who are working extremely hard to keep things running smoothly. With every organization, new members bring novel ideas with them and new perspectives in policy and procedures. With every change that occurs, there is bound to be some glitches as well. Please be patient and understanding with us as we attempt to put all of our new concepts in place. Some of these ideas will be different than were previously done but they will all be instituted in an attempt to better our program through worship, scholarship, sportmanship and championship.

In addition to asking for your patience during this transition, we would also ask for your assistance in helping us as well.  Our program does not consist of only a few specified individuals but rather an entire integrated faith-based community working together for the youth of our parish.  Continued service in our snack stands, patrolling our lobby and fields for problems, and keeping the time clock or scorebook are excellent ways to help. In addition, monitoring for cleanliness in our gym and fields would greatly be appreciated. If there is debris in either of these places, please help us keep our facilities presentable for our own parishioners as well as our visitors. If there are trash bins that are even half full or someone is unloading supplies, please lend a hand so that these tasks do not fall on a select few.

 Please also consider volunteering for one or a few of our many outstanding events such as the Turkey tournament, Trivia Night, Parish Picnic or the Recognition Banquets at the conclusion of the year. We also are always in need of adult supervision for Junior High activities including dances and other forms of entertainment that are currently in the planning stages.

I also wanted to publically thank all of the coaches for quickly responding to updating all of the necessarily clearances to be able to coach.  Moving forward, any potential candidate that will be interviewing for a coaching position will need to have their clearances current prior to being interviewed. We encourage anyone who is interested in coaching to fill out an application and submit it to our Athletic Director but we will require that the needed clearances are complete.

All are welcome to attend the monthly Board meetings. As a reminder, there will be an executive session prior to each meeting from 7:00-7:30 as we are currently revising our By-laws. Coaches and guests are invited to join the meeting beginning at 7:30.  If a guest would like to present a concern or issue to the Board, a written request must be sent to the Chief Adult Advisor one week prior to the meeeting briefly describing the matter to be discussed. Once reviewed, the matter will be placed on the agenda and discussed. After this dialogue, the matter will be tabled so the Board may discuss the issue at the next executive session and a formal response will be given thereafter.

Homecoming Weekend is also rapidly approaching and will be October 10-12. All of our althletic teams will be competing at our complex throughout the weekend. There will also be a PEP ralley, a Rock Wall, Family Fun Night for kindergarten  through fifth grades and the Junior High Dance during  the weekend.  The Pee Wee soccer teams will be playing and have their Mass during the weekend. Our eighth grade athletes will be recognized and there will be a Basket Raffle, a photographer for individual and group pictures.  Please watch for further information on our website and flyers that will be sent home with your children.

Once again, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support of our CYO Program and look forward to a successful year.


John Bruder

Chief Adult Advisor

Visitation CYO.


 ****** Attention 8th Graders *********

Click here to view the 2014 8th Grade Retreat Video (password required).




For registration questions contact:

Cheryll Fisher at

Sports program questions contact:

Athletic Director:  

Fran Greek




The Dance Policy has been updated. 

Please click here to read it. 




All volunteers working with any group that has contact with the youth of the parish in any way are required to attend a session of Protecting God's Children for Adults (VIRTUS) training which is required for all adults who volunteer at Visitation BVM Parish

For a list of the sites holding this training visit the Virtus website at

There are a number of training sessions being hosted in our area this fall.

See the VIRTUS website for details. For a complete listing of requirements

for adult volunteers, click here 



Looking for ways to show your Visitation spirit?  What better way to show

enthusiasm for your favorite Visi CYO teams than by wearing a tee shirt or

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The next meeting of the CYO Adult Advisory Board will be:

Monday, October 6, 2014 in the Larkin Center


Meeting starts for  Board members only at 7:00 pm

The public and coaches are welcome to join us at 7:30 pm


Attention Parents, Parishioners, and Friends....

Please consider giving of your time and talent to assist our CYO program in any way that you can.

The continued success and growth of this wonderful youth ministry depends upon each of us. 

Whether you are a parent of a pre-school child, a school-aged child, a high school student, 

an "empty nester", or have no children at all, the Visitation CYO can benefit from your involvement. 

To find out more about how you can contribute, please contact one of the following people:

John Bruder                                              610-844-2175 

Dom Zampogna                                        610-666-6011

Fran Greek                                                 215-498-6580     

Dave Harty                                                 610-764-4663